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No Heat Styles with Aluram

Even though the summer months are a little more lax, most of us want the quickest styling options during this heat! The sun, chlorine, salt or lake water already affect our strands during these months, so why add hot tools and excessive heat to the list when styling? Aluram has a wide variety of products to help you achieve multiple looks with these no heat styles this season!

Straight Hair

If your hair is naturally straight, you either struggle with flatness or frizz when air drying. After gently towel drying your hair, be sure to always spray the Leave-In Conditioner from roots to ends. Not only does this help detangle, it will keep your hair moisturized and hydrated after all those hours in the sun and water! Next, grab the Volumizing Foam and add a small amount to the root area. Although you don't have the added volume from using a round brush and a dryer, this foam will prevent your hair from air drying flat to your scalp if your hair tends to be on the finer side. Follow with the Smoothing Cream from mids to ends of your hair to help strengthen and seal split ends. This is also the perfect addition in the styling lineup because it helps keep frizz down! Once your hair has fully air dried, take a pea sized amount of the Shine Serum and disperse through the middle to ends to add additional shine and extra protection from humidity to fight off any unwanted frizz when you walk out the door!

Wavy or Curly Hair

The humans with the natural waves and curls are what we like to call the lucky ones! Whether your curls are soft and wavy, or coily and bouncy- air drying always tends to come easier to those with the curls! If you haven’t tried our curly line, you and your hair are seriously missing out! The Curl Shampoo and Conditioner are silicone free and have so many benefits! If you’re looking for more info, check out our This Ones For The Curls blog to read about everything within the curl regime. For wash-and-go styling, we recommend using the Curl Cream and Curl Foam. Once you’ve combed through your strands after cleansing, take the Curl Foam and scrunch in an upward motion section by section. This is a great stand alone product for our very curly girlies, but can also be cocktailed with the Curl Cream for a soft look with a medium hold! If you are someone who loves big hair, adding the volume foam to the root area before scrunching in the curl products will give you the voluminous look you desire. For wavy locks, scrunching in the curl cream is perfect to keep your waves looking soft and light! Once fully air dried, spray the Dry Texture Spray for added texture!

Beach Vibes

Technically, beach waves could also be put under the wavy/curly category, but we have a new limited time product that is perfect for giving you the “I just swam in salt water” look! While none of us can explain it, you can’t deny how cute it is when our hair has been styled by salt water. It adds texture and grit in all the right ways, and no matter how hard you try- it just never gets recreated! Not anymore! We recently launched our Coconut Water Texture Spray and it is a literal summer dream! After spraying the Leave-In Conditioner and combing through your hair, be sure you towel dry any excessive moisture or water from the hair. Spray the Coconut Water Texture Spray throughout your hair and you can be on your way! This spray is light-weight, nongreasy, and infused with coconut water to lock in moisture. Embrace the care-free vibes and enjoy the waves, babe! This texture spray will leave you looking like the salt water kissed those strands in all the right ways and leave you with a salty beach wave style!

Styling in the summer doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes less is more when it comes to getting ready! Our hair gets exposed to so much more during the summer months between the sun and water. Give it a break and embrace these easy no heat styles! Be sure to tag us in your season looks on Instagram (@alurambeauty) for a chance to be showcased!

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