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A Year To Celebrate

Sleigh it ain’t so, just like that the holiday season has come to an end! Can you believe how fast 2023 has gone by? As we reflect on it, we can’t help but think about how many incredible things we have to celebrate. Let's take a look back and showcase the highlights of our 2023 year!

The fan favorite, Hydrate & Repair got released in back bar sizing! We were thrilled to see our salon professionals were just as excited about this release as we were! To add to the excitement, we launched a Purple Hydrate & Repair as well. Pairing this with the Purple Shampoo is the key to hydrated brass-free blonde! If you haven't gotten a chance to try this yet, add it to your New Year's resolution list!

Calling all fine-haired beauties! Our Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner duo made major waves in 2023, and we're still riding that volume train into 2024! Paired with our fabulous Volumizing Foam, this regime is truly chef's kiss perfection! 

Our Dry Shampoo launched in March, and the feedback we’ve received since it launched has been nothing short of incredible! Dry Shampoo is literally the way to any woman’s heart. Being able to push the limits on wash day is a game we all love to play! So why wouldn't we jump on the Dry Shampoo bandwagon? This instantly makes your hair feel revitalized and clean. Charcoal helps remove excess oil from scalp & hair, while Sea Buckthorn helps nourish and refresh.

Golden Glow made an entrance around Spring Break, and all of us are excited it now has a permanent spot in our Body Care line in 2024! It is truly that amazing!

Mid year we launched Coconut Water Texture Spray which made summer hairstyles even easier! The perfect beachy hair look with just one product. It is now back as a permanent item for 2024 as well!

High Hold Finishing Spray was our final product release of the year. Our Finishing Spray is loved by many, but the High Hold steps in for the tougher times! Finally a firmer product for updos, special events, and locking in styles for extended periods of time! 

As we embark on a New Year, we can't help but feel excited about the possibilities that 2024 holds. Aluram has big plans, and we can't wait to share them with you. From innovative product launches to exciting collaborations, we have been working tirelessly to bring you offerings that reflect our shared commitment to quality and style. Are you ready for what Aluram has in store for 2024? Get ready to be amazed, See you in the New Year!

Clean Beauty, Clear Conscience



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