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Blondies unite!

Summer is over and winter is around the corner. While the trends change for the season, we all know some of you will never ditch your tried and true blonde! Going into the fall and winter seasons can be harsh on prelightened hair, so let's recap our favorite products for our blonde babes and why they’re important to have on hand over the next few months!

Purple Shampoo

Our Purple Shampoo is the best of the best! Call us biased, but Aluram’s Clean Beauty standards make it easy to maintain the perfect blonde tone without having to worry about drying out your hair. Purple shampoos are a hot commodity when it comes to making sure your precious blonde hair doesn’t get too brassy. However, overusing these shampoos can cause serious dryness. Aluram’s Purple Shampoo contains Marula Oil, Avocado Oil, and has Coconut Water which helps keep hair hydrated, soft, and silky. So many of these toning shampoos contain sulfates, silicones, and other ingredients that are damaging when used too often. Our Purple Shampoo is one that you never have to worry about causing dryness because we’ve said no to the harmful ingredients and yes to the trustworthy ones. Fight those pesky yellow tones on a weekly basis while locking in shine and moisture to keep your blonde as bright as the sunshine we will miss during the upcoming fall and winter months!

Purple Hydrate & Repair Treatment

While not all blondes have dry brittle hair, many feel the effects of constantly having lightener applied. While using our Purple Shampoo helps with toning and softness, some need a little extra TLC. Not long ago we launched our Purple Hydrate & Repair Treatment. This is a new and special revamp of our fan favorite Hydrate & Repair Treatment, but this time it’s made just for the blondes! This treatment neutralizes brassiness, and can be used directly after a lightening service for an additional boost of hydration and moisture. It is the perfect deep conditioner to maintain blonde, platinum, or highlighted tones and even helps to brighten gray & white hair. Purple Hydrate & Repair helps nourish dry and chemically treated hair and is a highly pigmented treatment that is great for all hair types and can be used weekly or as needed! Those dry winter months coming up? No stress here! This is the perfect treatment to maintain a beautiful blonde tone while keeping soft and smooth hair.

Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-In Conditioners are so important and provide a handful of benefits that many don’t even realize! They provide moisture, calm frizz, detangle, and even help keep ends from splitting.

Our silicone-free Leave-In Conditioner detangles & hydrates while adding shine, thermal protection, and UV absorption. Quinoa and Nettle Extracts help lock in hydration and softness. This is perfect for everyday use to not only detangle the hair before styling, but helping fight split ends and keeping your blonde strands hydrated and smooth.

Shine Serum

No matter how you love to style your hair, the Shine Serum is a product that should be in your daily lineup! Jojoba Seed Oil and Rose Hip Oil work together to create the ultimate sealant to condition and detangle while promoting soft manageable hair! When blonde hair gets dry, it tends to have more frizz.

While using the right shampoos and conditioners help, adding our Shine Serum will help minimize any frizz the dry air can cause. If you add this to your ends before drying, it can actually cut your dry time while providing thermal protection. Win, win! Using a dime size amount from mids to ends of the hair is perfect for any and all hair types as this formula is lightweight and non-greasy. Pro Tip: try adding a tiny bit more to your ends once it's dry for added softness and shine!

Blonde hair isn’t just for summer! Keep those tones bright and beautiful with the Purple Shampoo, and supple and soft by pairing it with our Purple Hydrate & Repair Treatment. We want to see how you use Aluram for your blonde styles this fall! Tag us on Instagram in your photos and reels (@alurambeauty) for a chance to be showcased and show us how you blondies stay in style this season with Aluram!

Clean Beauty, Clear Conscience



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