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Spring is officially here, and unfortunately for most of us, our tan is still MIA! With the brutal winter weather and gray skies, it's safe to say our skin is lacking a little Vitamin D! Not only are there spring break trips happening, but with warmer weather brings less layers. We all know that means flaunting a little more skin and none of us want to blind anyone, are we right? Instead of hitting a tanning bed, stock up on our NEW Golden Glow Body Lotion! This will give you the perfect tan for any upcoming festivities without the orange tint or harsh smells we all dread when using any self tanners!

Why You Need It

Infused with Squalane and Watermelon Seed Oil, Golden Glow nourishes skin with a pinch of natural sunless tanner. Both Squalane and Watermelon Seed Oil contain anti-inflammatory properties and are fast absorbing on the skin. Ultimate hydration is achieved from using both of these natural ingredients and will leave your skin nourished and soft. With a touch of sunless tanner, this lotion is buildable meaning it gets darker with each use! Creating your perfect tan has never been easier thanks to this limited release body lotion!

Golden Glow applies just like any other lotion, it is easy to use and we promise you will be streak free! The worst part about using sunless tanners is the hassle of worrying about streakiness, being orange, and some of those awful smells! We’ve added just the right amount of natural sunless tanner to avoid the color turning anything but natural. The more you use, the darker results you will achieve. Gradual tanner gives you the results of how light or dark you want to be. Being able to build your custom tan makes this great for any skin type and results in a streak-free look! The color will gradually fade when you stop using the lotion and gently exfoliate your skin.

Before After

How To Use

Apply Golden Glow like any other lotion! Lightly cover your body and allow to dry a few minutes before dressing. Be sure to wash the excess lotion from the palms of your hands, between fingers, and around your nails when you’re finished applying. For best results, avoid getting wet for at least 4 hours, and over the next couple days you will notice a gradual change. If the color change is not as noticeable as desired, simply reapply more frequently. Once you’ve reached your perfect shade, continue to use every other day to maintain your look! Doesn’t get more simple than that!

Getting in a swimsuit for those upcoming trips seems a little less daunting now, doesn't it? Your skin will look bronzed and fresh from Golden Glow, and we have a feeling this is something salon professionals will have a hard time keeping on their shelves. Keep in mind, this is a Limited Release product, so you will want to stock up while you can! We all feel a little better with a tan, so what are you waiting for? Run, don't walk, and get your glow on! Tag us in your reels and pics on Instagram (@alurambeauty) and tell us how much you love Golden Glow for an opportunity to be showcased on our stories!

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