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Quick Styling Hacks

It is so hard to believe summer is already over and we're now onto the chaotic time of year where most of us are trying to keep our sanity during the start of the school year! Getting into new routines can be tough, not only for kids, but especially on us parents while we navigate new schedules and have limited downtime in our mornings. Whether it’s styling your own hair or your children’s- saving time on our hair routine helps us gain those extra minutes we need for other things! We have some products and tips to help speed up your hair styling process so you can salvage the little bit of sanity you have left while trying to get in a groove to the new school year!

The most obvious product you will need to keep on hand this year is our Dry Shampoo! No time for washing your hair? No problem. Spray our Dry Shampoo directly on the scalp to help absorb oils and clean while helping to add texture and volume- leaving no white residue. A game changer for the mornings if you are tight on time! Try backcombing to add extra volume, and you have yourself a cute style that takes under 5 min!

If you’re one of the lucky ones that can wash and go, adding just a few products before walking out the door can help keep your hair looking fresh all day. Our Leave-In Conditioner is the serious OG of all! Using this adds moisture to help your hair look and feel soft, but fights frizz as well. Adding a little Smoothing Cream on the mids to ends of your hair helps to smooth split ends and will help maintain a controlled style as humidity stands no chance with the Leave-In and Smoothing Cream combo!

Calling all curly ques! Try applying our Curl Cream with just a touch of Shine Serum and you’ll have bouncy soft curls with a beautiful shine! Our Curl Cream defines and enhances natural curl texture, with a gentle yet controlled hold. The Shine Serum is a great addition for curly style as it minimizes frizz and fights humidity to help avoid your curls from looking too wild! If you have an extra 5 min to spare, use a diffuser to dry just a touch and let the rest air dry. You’ll have a fresh bouncy style that takes nearly no time!

For those with finer hair that still needs to dry, we recommend using our Volumizing Foam to help achieve a little lift and hold for your day. This adds just the right amount of texture and shine while adding thermal protection. Adding a small amount of Shine Serum will help speed up drying time to get you the style you need quicker!

So much to do, so little time! That seems to be the trend with just about every household while we all try to navigate through new school year routines. Save minutes where you can, and try to minimize the time spent in front of the mirror so you can focus more on the things that matter most… like getting out the door on time! Here’s to a good school year!

Clean Beauty, Clear Conscience



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