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Aluram Ingredients

When it comes to clean beauty and being on the “crunchy” side, the first thing most people look at are the ingredients. So many of us check out labels on the food we eat, so why would we bypass the products we use daily? Here at Aluram, we stay true to giving salons and their clients trustworthy products with ingredients you can trust at an affordable cost. We like to call it luxury for less! We make it easy to understand our labels so you feel confident explaining each product to every client!


Worry free haircare that’s made simple and easy for everyone to understand- not just the pros! Our “we said yes” vs “not a chance” list is a great way to know exactly what we do and do not use in every Aluram product. Our tent cards are great for displaying in the salon so clients can read and check it out during their visit!


Nowadays people want a quick and easy way at deciphering if a product they grab is Vegan or Cruelty Free. Each and every one of Aluram’s products has these icons on display:

Remaining Vegan and Cruelty Free is important to our brand. Now only do we avoid using any and all animal-based ingredients, but we will never test on animals either. On top of that, we pride ourselves on staying color safe with every product while remaining gluten, sulfate, and paraben free as well! Your hair will stay healthy and color will last longer due to using products that ditch harsh ingredients that impact your strands in negative ways.

Which Ingredients Are Organic within Aluram?

While our ingredients are all extremely clean, not every one is organic. All are natural which is a clean beauty standard, but we chose individual ingredients to be organic for various reasons. No secrets here, we make it easy for salon professionals and consumers to know which ingredients are or are not organically sourced. If you look at the ingredient listings on any Aluram product, you will see that some have a * next to it. This means that specific ingredient is certified organic!

Simple, natural, and safe for hair as well as the environment! Our clean beauty formulas were developed because we believe that beauty should be beyond compromise. You should feel good about the products you are using daily, whether it's for washing or styling. Our Luxury for Less standards keep your hair looking its best because clean beauty products provide a clear conscience each and everyday!

Clean Beauty, Clear Conscience



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