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The More, The Better!

- Hydrate & Repair Treatment -

We all want beautiful, shiny, soft hair. When we launched our Hydrate & Repair Treatment, it made a majority of people’s desires come true! The only complaint we ever received was about the size of the packaging. This year we answered all of the salon professional’s prayers! New Year.. New Back Bar Size! That’s right, our Hydrate & Repair Treatment is now available in a 32oz size for all!

Benefits of Hydrate & Repair

Hydrate & Repair has the ability to completely transform dull & dry hair into smooth and silky strands! This mask-like treatment rejuvenates each strand with vibrant luster. A perfect blend of Squalane & Biotin provides superior hydration and nutrients to help revitalize the look & feel of over-processed hair and reduce breakage. Marula Oil is one of the key ingredients to help smooth out frizz and help prevent split ends! With a rich blend of oils high in fatty acids, Hydrate & Repair nourishes and moisturizes all hair types without weighing it down. A product that not only every consumer should keep on hand, but a definite one all stylists should have on back bar!


Hydrate & Repair comes in two different sizes. Our original size is 11oz and the perfect amount for consumers. We recommend stocking extra on your retail shelves as most salon professionals sell out quickly! This is a product all clients should have on hand for the winter season or just simply for the at-home spa nights! Our new 32oz size is perfect for salon professionals to keep on back bar. With how often this gets used at the salon, you’ll need it!

Using a conditioning treatment that keeps your hair health in pristine condition is important. Taking the time out of our busy schedules for a little self care is essential for each of us to look and feel our best! We know how crazy life gets. It can be easy to put yourself on the back burner. Hydrate & Repair is an easy, quick way to give yourself and your hair a little TLC! Simply put this on damp hair for 10-20 min once a week or biweekly depending on the integrity of your hair. If you prefer to be pampered at the salon, make an appointment with your stylist for a Hydrate & Repair salon treatment! Follow up with our Leave-In Conditioner and your hair will be feeling smooth as silk! Do you follow us on Instagram? Be sure to tag us in your reels (@alurambeauty) and show us your results using Hydrate & Repair!

Clean Beauty, Clear Conscience



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