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A true fan favorite is our incredible Hydrate & Repair Treatment! It works wonders on all hair types and has become a staple in many people’s hair care routine. What if we told you we took it next level and made one even better, just for all you blondies? That’s right, your favorite treatment is now available specifically for blondes...say hello to our Purple Hydrate & Repair!

This essential treatment helps fight frizz, heat damage, and breakage all while canceling out brassy and golden tones in blonde or white hair! Great for maintaining blonde, platinum, or highlighted tones, this will help keep your beautiful color stay bright and light! Maintaining blonde tones can be harsh on the hair causing extreme dryness, but in some cases even breakage if done too often. Our Purple Hydrate & Repair Treatment not only keeps your color gorgeous, but helps keep dry and chemically treated hair nourished. This treatment is great for all hair types and can be used weekly or as needed. Keep in mind while purple masks and shampoos are amazing, doing too often or leaving on for too long can cause the hair to overtone. We recommend using 1-2x a week depending on how much warmth you have in your current hair color and leaving on no longer than 10 minutes each time for optimal results.

Aluram’s new Purple Hydrate & Repair Treatment has two key ingredients: Marigold and Squalane. Each ingredient works to keep your hair looking and feeling its best! Marigold is highly moisturizing to the scalp, promoting healthy hair follicles. This ingredient is also great for people that are prone to a dry scalp. Having dry scalp can cause itchiness or irritation. This treatment not only keeps your scalp nourished and hydrated, but kicks brass at the same time! What would a new Aluram release be without Squalane? We love this ingredient so much we added it yet again to another product! Squalane is excellent in boosting moisture while helping correct lifeless, over-processed hair. Not only does Squalane give your strands smoothness, moisture, and shine, it is an essential ingredient to protect your hair from further damage!

Our new Purple Hydrate & Repair Treatment transforms dull, dry hair into smooth silky hair, while rejuvenating each strand with a vibrant luster. The best part though? Those unwanted pesky yellow tones that always seem to sneak back in, will be no more! We’ve dropped a lot of new goodies this year, but we have no doubt that this will be a new favorite for both salon professionals behind the chair and consumers at home! We want to hear your feedback and see your results once you get your hands on this goodness! Be sure to tag us in your photos and reels on Instagram (@alurambeauty) using the new Purple Hydrate & Repair for a chance to be showcased on our feed!

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