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Shape Your Style with Strong Hold Gel

Sculpt and shape your hair with precision using Aluram's revolutionary Strong Hold Gel! Say goodbye to flaky, sticky, or stiff hair products - our gel offers a firm hold without compromise!

What makes our gel different? Unlike many other styling gels, Aluram is formulated with care to retain moisture and shine. Our gel locks in moisture and leaves your hair with a brilliant shine, ensuring your style looks healthy and vibrant all day long. We also remained true to our clean beauty standards and created a silicone-free formula that provides a natural feel without weighing your hair down. Whether you prefer a sleek, polished look or crave textured, tousled styles, Aluram's Strong Hold Gel provides excellent support for any hairstyle- allowing you to express yourself with confidence. A hair gel that provides versatile styling no matter the occasion!

Discover the secret to superior styling with our new Strong Hold Gel, enriched with two powerhouse ingredients: Linseed Oil and Aloe Vera.

Linseed Oil: Also known as Flaxseed Oil, Linseed Oil is nature's gift to your hair. Packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids, it provides a stronghold without the need for synthetic additives, ensuring your style stays put with a natural touch.

Aloe Vera: Known for its rich moisturizing properties and abundance of vitamins, Aloe Vera keeps your hair and scalp hydrated and nourished. Say goodbye to dryness - our gel is formulated to prevent dehydration, keeping your hair manageable and imparting a healthy sheen.

The versatility of Aluram's multi-use styling aid is the ultimate solution for achieving sleek styles or voluminous blowouts effortlessly. Our gel ensures a firm hold without any tacky or sticky finish, leaving your hair feeling light and natural. Perfect for shorter hairstyles, it adds just the right amount of texture and definition for a chic look. With its quick-drying and non-flaking formula, you can save time in your styling routine while keeping your style looking impeccable throughout the day. Elevate your styling experience with our new Strong Hold Gel and embrace effortless beauty this summer!

Experience the transformative power of Aluram's Strong Hold Gel, where the harmonious blend of natural ingredients meets high-performance styling for effortlessly beautiful hair every day. Don't miss the chance to showcase your everyday looks, both on yourself and your clients, by tagging us on Instagram (@alurambeauty). Stand strong and confident throughout your day with Aluram's Strong Hold Gel - your new go-to choice for a flawless finish!

Clean Beauty, Clear Conscience



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