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The last few years we’ve gotten more requests for a Dry Shampoo than anything else. It’s the one product everyone can’t live without these days! Put Wash Day off an extra day this week, because guess what? We finally launched a DRY SHAMPOO!

Key Ingredients

We believe in providing only the best for every product we launch that meets clean beauty standard.! Our Dry Shampoo has 3 key ingredients that truly make this like no other you’ve used before! Tapioca Starch not only absorbs excess oils that weigh your hair down, but it also helps seal and expand hair strands to create more volume! This ingredient is what makes our dry shampoo the perfect prep product for those beachy waves or textured inspo looks! Charcoal helps lift dirt and buildup to detoxify your scalp, while Sea Buckthorn Oil locks in moisture to help promote smooth and silky hair!

Why You Need Aluram Dry Shampoo

It’s time to refresh that second day hair honey! Aluram Dry Shampoo is a spray-able, waterless, powdered-base shampoo designed to freshen hair. Instantly make your hair look clean with added body and texture with just a few sprays. Enriched with Charcoal and Sea Buckhorn to nourish and remove excess oil, say goodbye to greasy looking strands. This is the perfect product to use to add grit to textured waves or between washes to keep your hair looking fresh, fabulous, and oil free! Our Dry Shampoo helps neutralize odors in the hair from the natural oils produced at your scalp. It is safe for all hair types- including color treated hair. And the best part? NO white residue! You read that right! Most dry shampoos cause a white residue or buildup that takes extra effort to blend into the hair. Our dry shampoo leaves no residue and is fast absorbing for a fresh, clean feeling and helps extend the length of your blowouts!

Dry Shampoos are one of the hottest products on the market, and we are beyond excited that our loyal customers can officially add this to their line-up! How do you like to utilize dry shampoo? Adding some grit to clean hair to help with style? Postponing washing your hair an extra day or two? We want to hear how much you love our new product and your favorite ways to use it on social media! Leave your love for our new dry shampoo and tag us in your reels and photos (@alurambeauty) for a chance to be showcased on our feed!

Clean Beauty, Clear Conscience



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