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Leave It to the Leave-In

When it comes to haircare and purchasing products, Leave-In Conditioners are often the one that gets overlooked. Some may think that because they are already conditioning after cleansing- a leave-in seems unnecessary. Leave-In Conditioners actually serve many purposes and provide a handful of benefits that you may not even realize! They provide moisture, calm frizz, detangle, and even help keep ends from splitting. Our Leave-In Conditioner is about to be the new staple in your product line-up and let us break down why:

Our Leave-In is versatile! Using this will fight frizz and tame flyaways. Not only does this work great for detangling, but it adds shine and thermal protection! This penetrates the hair strands and makes a noticeable difference in how hydrated your hair looks. UV protection is a huge benefit too! Be sure to spray gently throughout your hair before hitting the beach to protect your hair from damage from those rays! Thermal protection is so important to preserve not only your color, but the integrity of your hair in general. If you aren’t using a heat protectant, this Leave-In before blow drying is a must!

One of the best things about Aluram’s Leave-In Conditioner is that it remains silicone-free. This is great for all hair types, but especially for our curly girls! Infusing curls with just enough hydration to get them back to a bouncy state and avoiding extra weight & residue. If you have hair on the finer side and tend to worry about products weighing your hair down, this is for you! Quinoa and Nettle extracts are infused in our Leave-In, leaving hair feeling ultra soft without weighing it down and making it ideal for any hair type.

Whether it's right after the beach or stepping out of the shower, using this mist will be your new best friend for those snarly times! This is ideal for detangling due to the great slip factor and can also be used as a prep product. Leave-In Conditioners also make great cutting lotions! It locks moisture into the hair without weighing strands down before adding any additional stylers.

So many reasons to keep this one product on hand year round! UV & thermal protection, detangler, prepping or cutting lotion, & keeping your hair hydrated during any season for any hair type! Using our Leave-In Conditioner is not only beneficial for your hair, but leaves you with a clean conscience too!

Clean Beauty, Clear Conscience



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