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Coconut Water Texture Spray

Sweet summer time! Easy going days are the vibe this season, and that includes styling your hair! So what if we told you we have a new product that is simple, smells amazing, and leaves you with the perfect beachy look? Say Hello to our NEW Coconut Water Texture Spray!

Our new Coconut Water Texture Spray is your new go-to solution for achieving effortlessly beautiful beachy waves! This lightweight, non-greasy spray is infused with coconut water and provides essential moisture while enhancing your hair’s natural texture. Our new spray harnesses the hydrating properties of coconut water and replenishes your strands with essential nutrients; leaving it moisturized and vibrant. Say goodbye to dry and lackluster locks and hello to luscious, moisturized waves! Many times people find salt sprays leave their hair with a gritty, greasy feel. The Coconut Water Texture Spray, however, is lightweight and non-greasy to ensure a summer style that looks full of volume without weighing it down and without residue!

Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, Aluram’s new Coconut Water Texture Spray was created for all hair types. It offers versatility in styling; allowing you to achieve a range of looks from subtle texture to full bodied waves! Before using, be sure to shake the bottle well and then try a few of these styling tips and tricks:

Air Dry: Spray evenly from roots to ends on wet hair, and let your hair naturally dry. Be sure not to towel dry as this can cause frizz and tangles and can be difficult to get out later on. By cocktailing the Coconut Water Texture Spray with our Leave-In Conditioner you will avoid a crispy, crunchy texture.

Refresh: Revive a hairstyle and extend its longevity between washes. Simply spritz a small amount of texture spray onto dry hair and scrunch to reactivate the waves to add a fresh, just been-to-the-beach vibe!

Straight Hair: Spraying Coconut Water Texture Spray on really straight hair when its wet will add some texture, but you will not get the same style result as those with natural waves or curls. It’s best to let straight hair dry and then spray the texture spray in after its completely dry for added texture!

With versatile styling options, this is a must-have product for those seeking that coveted summer look! Embrace the carefree vibes, and let the NEW Coconut Water Texture Spray transform your hair into stunning, volumizing waves!

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