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Clear Conscience Summer

After a long winter season, we are all thrilled that summer is here! With sunshine, swimming, and messy buns, also comes tangled, faded hair. Aluram makes it easy to use professional, clean products at an affordable price and this summer there are a few things you need to keep on hand!

Purple Shampoo

Our purple shampoo is a fan favorite and for good reason! We don’t need to explain how frustrating it is to see your expensive, beautiful blonde start to fade to a dingy yellow tone. Unfortunately, as much as we love the hotter temps- the chlorine, salt water, and sunshine strips our hair of those beautiful tones over time. Aluram’s Purple Shampoo contains coconut water, biotin, and rosehip oil which work to restore the softness, shine, and hydration while keeping those warm yellow tones at bay. Being highly pigmented and non drying, it is the perfect solution for blondes or those trying to enhance their gray during these summer months! When purple shampoo is used too often on very light hair, you run the risk of the hair picking up soft violet tones. We recommend using our Purple Shampoo one or two times a week and rotating with either our Curl, Moisturizing, or Daily Shampoo on other wash days. Brighter days AND brighter hair are here to stay this summer when this is your go-to maintenance product!

Leave-In Conditioner

Some swear by this product and we understand why! Aluram Leave-In Conditioner detangles your strands while locking in shine and moisture thanks to the quinoa and nettle extracts packed inside! This can be sprayed from scalp to ends on clean dry hair to help remove the tangles we all despise after a long day in the water. Besides detangling, this also adds a protective layer to your strands to protect from UV rays and heat. You read that right, this silicone free leave-in is a heat protectant! While it doesn’t require you to style immediately after, it’s a major perk that it protects you from the hot tools some of us love to use daily! This product is jam packed with antioxidants, macronutrients, and fatty acids which helps in restoring the shine and elasticity on your hair. Hot weather tends to also go hand in hand with humidity, hello frizz! While we love animals- it’s safe to say none of us want to look like a lion, especially after taking time to get ready, are we right? Applying Aluram Leave-In will help smooth and control frizz while making sure it stays feeling incredible!

Bold Blondes Bundle

This summer we brought the ultimate promo, our Bold Blondes Bundle! You’ll save 20% by purchasing this bundle which includes a 12oz Purple Shampoo and our Leave-In Conditioner! Run- don’t walk to your nearest salon and grab this bundle to maintain healthy and bright hair this summer!


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