Aluram_18oz_ Body Lotion_Mockup.png

body lotion

18 fl oz (530 ml)

This clean beauty body lotion blends Squalane & Watermelon Seed Oil for the lush hydration of a rich body butter, but in a light and versatile lotion. Aluram’s coconut water based formula seemingly melts into skin for an elevated softness and radiance.

• Mimics skin’s natural oils to hydrate & moisturize without the greasy feel


• Ideal for all skin types and everyday use


• Weightlessly helps lock in essential moisture for wonderfully soft & supple skin

body care

Aluram_3.4 oz Hand Repair Creme FINAL.png

hand repair creme

3.4 fl oz (100 ml)

This clean beauty hand creme blends rich amounts of Shea Butter & Coconut Oil for advanced hydration that quickly absorbs into hands. Designed to soften & smooth the driest of skin, it’s a small yet essential luxury your hands won’t want to live without.

• Absorbs quickly, non-greasy, super soft, with a wonderful fragrance


• Creates a hydrating layer on the skin’s surface that instantly helps boost & retain vital moisture


• Helps replenish nourishing oils lost from frequent washing and environmental stresses


• Advanced Shea & Coconut formula noticeably smooths & softens very dry hands