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Let’s Go Curls! Calling all of our curly squad! This quad box is for YOU! Time to save a little money and stock up on all your favorite curl products with our Curl Quad!

What's All Included?

Curl Shampoo & Conditioner

Our curl shampoo and condition are both silicone-free and wash away impurities while leaving healthier looking curls! They work best on medium to coarse hair types. Both of these are enriched with prickly pear extract! Prickly Pear brings ultimate shine and elasticity, leaving you with bouncy curls that have more definition and less frizz. That’s right, less frizz- what we all need over these upcoming summer months! Shine and moisture are enhanced due to the coconut oil and will also leave your hair looking and feeling like butter. The worst thing is getting out of the shower and having to work through rough snarls, this conditioner will be a game changer and the scent is delicious! Aluram Curl Shampoo and Conditioner are both light-weight products that soften and detangle without weighing your curls down. Try these once, and we promise you will never go back!

Curl Cream

Made for those with medium to coarse hair, this is a gentle silicone-free cream that nourishes curls, enhances shine, and fights frizz without leaving that sticky residue we all despise. This formula contains prickly pear extract and is non-greasy and non-hardening, leaving your curls tame and touchable! Encouraging curl separation, this also defines and enhances natural curl texture with a medium hold. And while this works great on its own, it’s even better when it’s used with our…

Curl Foam

Unlike the other products in our curl quad, our Curl Foam is recommended for all hair types! Prickly Pear extract and Jojoba Oil add shine while sealing in moisture to fight frizz in humid conditions. This works perfect for controlling curly, coily, or wavy hair types without the crunch. Remaining silicone-free, this foam shapes and defines curls with a soft, light-weight hold. This foam works great to scrunch in for a quick wash or soft diffused look!

How Do I Use The Quad Styling Products?

Our Curl Cream and Curl Foam are great stylers on their own or cocktailed together! Curl Cream is a light, non-greasy cream. This is great to apply to mid strands to ends of your hair prior to blow drying. The Curl Cream will hold any curls created with hot tools, while helping to keep soft, smooth waves lasting all day! Applying to damp hair and letting it air dry also works great if you have natural wavy hair. This will help calm any frizz and keep your hair soft and textured! Our Curl Foam is going to give a little extra hold without the crunch many of us tend to experience from using gels or mousses. This is our top recommendation for those curly girls that like to wash and go! Simply scrunch in the Curl Foam and go! Once dry, you’ll have textured frizz-free curls! Many stylists love a good cocktail (don’t we all?!), but the Curl Foam and Curl Cream together are incredible! Applying these and allowing the hair to air dry will give you that perfect beachy look, or blow drying with a round brush will give you a volumized 90’s blowout!

What’s your favorite way to style your curls? Do you have a quick 2 minute routine before heading out the door for the day, or do you take some extra time to get your favorite style? We want to see your curls and all your favorite ways to utilize our Curl Quad products! Tag us in your photos and reels on Instagram (@alurambeauty) for a chance to be showcased on our feed!

Clean Beauty, Clear Conscience

Aluram Beauty


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